Friday, November 14, 2008

I have a reason...

...for not blogging in so long.

A) I refused to blog about the election and that was a mighty hot topic. I am more of a "keep it to yourself" type. My guy did not win. But I can happily say that I am confident in our President-elects abilities and that of his staff to do some really great things the next four years (oh lets be honest, the guy and his cult like following will be around for the next eight.)
B) My grandfather died on the 5th. It was sad. I am still sad. And I didn't have the energy to express it.

Also, this little hiatus is going to be going on just a touch longer since dun, dun, duuuun (!!!) I am leaving for New York tomorrow!!

Get ready Upper East Siders. This West Coast girl is headed your way, and straight for The Palace hotel (is that even real?) to grab a drink and watch for this guy.


Good LAWD that boy is a dream.

Anyway. Wish me luck on my trip New York/self discovery. I will need it.

You know you love me...