Monday, June 30, 2008

Preppy Snapshot Monday

Tell me what couple could be more classy and preppy at the same time. Can't think of anyone? I couldn't either...

Happy Monday Everyone

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bargains can still be classy.

As I said in one of my previous posts that can be found here, I browse Craigslist a lot to see what kind of great bargains are out there. Here are some current great finds in the Seattle market:

Great porcelain blue couch : discounted to $450

Classic chair: $185 (re-upholster this bad boy and voila!)
Perhaps in a fabric such as this from Lulu DK Fabrics to coordinate well with the couch above, and use the brown for a pillow:

I think this antique dresser is beautiful. $250 (YES ONLY! People don't know how to price sometimes....)

Awesome lamp... $60
And there you have it. A pretty SAWEET room, for under $1000

Monday, June 23, 2008

Preppy Snapshot Monday

"The exciting team of man and horse continues to embody breathtaking skill, fierce determination, gracious sportsmanship and above all, elegant ambiance unique to the world of equestrian sports."

So preppy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'll probably look on craigslist for that....

I can not get enough of Craigslist. Simple as that. When I get bored, I look on Craigslist. When I need something cheap, I look on Craigslist. Looking for a job, a bed, couch, mattress, car... I always take a look on Craigslist. One of my all time FAVORITE things to do though, and this is a total confession so no judgments please, is I love to look at the "missed connections". Obviously in the back of my head I am always keeping my eye pealed for a posting that is about me, but really I just love to read them because it reminds me that guys really DO share the same moment with you. That moment passing each other on the street where you think, "ooo, my stomach just flip-flopped." I am a total sucker for this stuff, especially missed opportunities where by a chance of fate people reunite and it proves that some people are just meant to be. The way my sister explains find that person I think fits into this category. She always tells me, "God is setting up a series of events and opportunities that will lead you two to each other." Which reminds me that I am not just spinning my wheels waiting for my life long love, things are actually happening on a daily basis that will eventually lead me to the right person and that, I think, is SO EXCITING!! So, in honor of these romantics at heart, I have compiled a few of my favorites from Craigslist that made my heart melt for the person they are trying to reach. Enjoy!

Emerald City Smoothie (on Stewart) - m4w (Minor/ Stewart)
"You looked amazing today. Loved your hair. Figure you get hit on a lot, just an assumption. Don't know where I'm going with this, but I just wanted to say, you make my day every time I see you."

Jogging on Elliott - m4w - 35 (Seattle)
Ok, so you were jogging on Elliott Avenue, crossing the street near Western, Wednesday evening around 7:15. And you looked great. I was in my car and we shared a look and a wave as I left. I'm wondering if that look meant there was some interest on your part as well? If so, I'm very curious to know more about you and your situation - cute as you are, I'm guessing you aren't single.... Anyway, if you recognize the post, why don't you drop me a line and let me know what kind of car I was in - just so I know its you. ;0

Thank you for helping with paper jam. - m4w (Copier)
I was trying to scan something and it jammed, you were kind enough to come from no where and help. You are so sexy:)

Orange Dress - m4w (Lakewood)
I absolutely love when you come by the office. Wish you had more mail to send.

We crossed on sidewalk at the park - m4w - 36 (11th Ave / Anderson Park)
Yesterday, 1 pm on 11th (behind anderson park) You: gorgeous blonde, skirt and blouse, yellow and blue? maybe, but contrasting Me: jeans and a white T, towel in hand, headphones.... Should have said "Hey" "Hi" Help" "Fire" Coffee?

My morning coffee.. - m4w - 39 (Green Lake)
L- You make my coffee and give treats to my dog.We share the same taste in coffee style. I have to admit I only go there to see you.I have a brilliant espresso machine at home. I must admit I think you are cute.I haven't been able to get a solid conversation when you work....Maybe a non caffienated drink sometime?

I sip my coffee, you look busy.. - m4w (silverdale)
Then our eyes catch, they lock just for a momment, then one of us smiles. I still dont understand it. But I like it! sometimes I think you hate me sometimes I think you want me. D

Monday, June 16, 2008

2nd Apology

It has come to light that I have gravely offended some friends.
So, I guess I need to follow-up with a second apology post. Like I said in my first, I had a bad attitude about blogs. I really did. And I am not a natural writer so stuff like metaphors and correct grammar doesn't make sense to me. And like I said, my opinion of them before was mean and incorrect and unwarranted. But that is what I thought. Until I started reading them. Then I became hooked. I loved reading about peoples lives and seeing how they viewed life and wrote about it. I loved hearing about my two favorite marrieds love journey. I loved looking at all the pretty things that some of my favorite blogs found. I loved being updated in a way on some lost friends lives...
So again, I admit it. I was a hypocrite. I tried to apologize for it the first time. I felt the need to explain myself in my first post because I had adamantly rejected the idea of ever doing a blog and felt like a dumb-ass now creating one. Is it okay that I changed my mind?
So, to my writer friends that I seriously offended. I am sorry. Forgive me. And thanks for writing such fun and inspiring blogs. I was not thinking of any of your blogs by the way when I wrote my first post, if you'll believe that. Those are the blogs that made me think, "huh, this is fun to read. I would like to be able to do that too."
So sorry....

Preppy Snapshot Monday

Happy Monday

Sunday, June 15, 2008

If he's not asking you out, he's just not that into you.

REPEAT: "IF HE'S NOT ASKING YOU OUT.... HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!!" At the risk of having this non Sex and the City blog turn all Carrie Bradshaw on me, this is the subject of today's post. The inspiration comes from the disappointment that this phrase is one I need to accept, AGAIN. I have been thinking about this one in-particular guy for a couple of weeks now. I asked my mom about it, even my preppy best man-friend. Both of them were excited that I was showing interest in someone, and were giving me advice on what to do since I am feeling rather unsavvy when it comes to guys lately. He is someone I have known for awhile and never really noticed until recently.
Side note: I have always considered myself good at flirting. What I didn't know was that I am good at flirting with people I have ABSOLUTELY no interest in. I become MUTE, when a guy that I like walks into the room. Sometimes, I even avoid them. Thus, he has no idea I even care he is alive. Funny how that works.
Carrying on....
So, the advice from my preppy best man-friend was to effing show the guy some attention. FLIRT A LITTLE. Touch his arm. Show him your pretty teeth. Whatever... just do something. So, I DID. And had a great night doing it too. His advice was to do this, and see if he asked me out.
2 weeks later.... there has been no "ask out".
Like any girl would do, I followed it up with all the reasons he might want to ask me out, but hasn't. Like, maybe he is shy. Maybe he doesn't want to ruin a good friendship. All the while in my head, I am thinking, "that is total bull-sh*t, I know".
Its the same story, different guy. He's not asking me out, therefore, he is just not that into me. It is always disappointing in the exact same way every time. You run through questions like,
"well why the heck not! I am GREAT!"
You just start over analysing yourself to the maximum and it is always a heartbreaking process. Then, I remind myself to follow my own advice. The advice I give to my very best friends when they are experiencing similar or different situations. It goes a little like this.
"K, remember God's plan. Remember that he has a guy for you that he is molding and creating into the perfect match for you, just as he is molding and preparing you for him. If this guy was it, you would know it. If THIS GUY, was the guy that God wants for you, then right now is not the time you are meant to be together. Be thankful that if this guy was NOT it, that he passed over you (almost) painlessly. Be THANKFUL that you did not waste any of your time, figuring out what you already know. Instead, be HOPEFUL. Be excited. Be excited because something greater than you can imagine is coming your way in the form of Gods plan for you. In the meantime, stay peaceful. "RELAX YOUR SOUL" (credit to the sis for this one). Practice patience and when the right one comes you will feel even more at peace and reassured that this one is IT.
To all my singles out there. Stay hopeful.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hippies? Ugh....

So bad news. This preppy girl is, (GASP!) moving out of her preppy apartment, with a PHENOM view to downtown Seattle. Where is she going? (And why is she talking in the third person? Not sure.) GREEN LAKE. Do you know what that means? I'll tell you, they are known as hippies. Green Lake is crawling with them and their overgrown yards with those weird multi-colored flags that mean peace or something. I am going from this view:

To THIS view

EFF! Okay so it is not going to be that bad at all. The point of this whole move is that I REALLY need to save money right now. For a few reasons:

A) I want a nice big down payment on a new car.
B) I want money for NEXT year when (hooray!) I get to buy my own condo/house
C) I want more company. This girl gets lonely really easily.

I will be paying HALF the rent at this new place, which is a townhome that is very nicely done. I can handle it. And really, all that means is, I GET TO REDECORATE MY ROOM!!!! (In the cheapest way possible of course).

So here is my DREAM room right now:

ISN'T THIS ALL SO PRETTY!! (Thank you Pottery Barn)

I love it. So my style. Which I am having a really hard time finding a name for. Coastal? East Coast Prep? I think the display above is definitely beach themed, but sometimes I feel like I go back and forth from really preppy and refined to beachy cottage. I don't know. I better have a big house someday because I am going to need a lot of rooms to display my personal style in whenever the mood hits me. My favorite part of that scene is the Natural Chair. Can't you just imagine a balcony off the room with some awesome Adirondack chairs.

I'll get there someday.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

This is an apology post...

As the title states, this is an apology post. I am apologizing to all the bloggers out there. See, I have been secretly making fun of you since all of this blogging craziness began and I'll tell you why.

A) Most of the blogs that I saw made me think, "This girl thinks she is Carrie Bradshaw, but she is clearly NOT"
B) This person just wants a way to stand on a grammar/literary pedestal so that we all know how witty and clever of a writer they are. PS. Get over yourself.
C) This person just wants us to know their business and that irritates the ISH out of me.
D) This person wants a reason to be philosophical and deep, when in real life they are probably nothing like that.

(I realize that these are all really mean judgements coming from a very close minded person when it comes to the literary world. I don't get you people. Forgive me.)

And then I realized I. AM. A. TOTAL. HYP-O-CRITE.

Funny story. I CANNOT STOP READING BLOGS. Somewhere in the middle of me giving crap to all the bloggers out there, I became addicted to them. Even the annoying Carrie Bradshaw ones. And it was all downhill from there because I started thinking, gosh, I would love to write about my life and be able to look back at it. I would LOVE a reason to create storyboards and itch that designer scratch in me to design whatever the eff I please in the categories of home, fashion, and wedding. I NEED a stage to sound all of my grievances and all of the wonderful things that I love and that are happening in my life. Maybe that way I will notice and appreciate them more.

So here comes my warning, nay, my PREFACE (for all you literary folk), I am not a writer. I am not pretending to be a good writer. I am not going to toot my own horn with fancy metaphors. If I say something clever I did not plan it. I write like I talk. I have horrible spelling (even with spellcheck). I don't understand grammar (I also spelled it with an "e" until spellcheck just picked that one up). To be honest, I really don't know the best time to use a comma. But I have a fun/hard life and I want to capture that. I go through many challenges with being single and just out of college, that many of you can sympathize with I'm sure. I have great taste. I would like to show that. I am a preppy girl, living in a preppy apartment, interested in mainly preppy guys, and I have a preppy job. But really this whole time I feel like I am just "prepping" (that was dumb) for my future that seems to just be flying by me. A new car, a new condo, a new boyfriend, a ring, a wedding, a husband, a family, and finally retirement. I have no problem admitting that these topics are on my mind a lot. I am 23 by the way.

So anyways, here I am. I am blogging. And I feel fine.