Monday, December 22, 2008

My stats

AGE: 24
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 20lbs heavier than at age 18.
LOCATION: Gig Harbor, WA (re: dads)
CURRENT WEATHER: Snowy and beautiful.

Since the death of my grandfather, I am feeling more and more motivated to follow what my heart is telling me to do. Seeing how wildly successful my grandfather was made me stop and say, "why not?" to school. To New York. To a new adventure as a young, single, aspiring designer.

The way I see it, my life has the possibility to go in two general directions at this point.

Direction #1: I stay in Seattle and continue to work for the company I do. There is no real guarantee that I will go further with this job or not, but, you know, its safe. Secure. Comfortable. I could save money and put that on a down-payment for a house or condo. Buy nicer furniture. Maybe find a boyfriend, eventually find a husband, then have some kids. All in all... just a sort of "settling down" process. Which would be so, whats the word, ME! I would do that. It would be really nice I am sure.

Direction #2: I move home. Save money. Move to New York City. Find some seedy apartment in a bad neighborhood to afford the rent. (Erg, I hope I am joking about this one). Go to school in the fabulous Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. Ride the subway. Meet friends that say things like, "You need a qwuata? Or how about some wuata? Maybe a hat dag?" Learn about design in the CAPITOL of design. Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Play in Central Park. Experience living in New York for approximately 3.5 years and yes mom, come back. Come back with new experiences, a new degree, a new expertise in my chosen field of work. Maybe come back with a boyfriend. Hopefully come back with more confidence and ability to be good at something. Come back with my weight like it was at age 18. (hahahahahahaha)

While all of this does sound quite dreamy and fun and adventurous, trust me.... I already feel the tightness in my chest of what doing something like this means. It means being away from my family. It means missing out on all of the fun and amazing things my cool friends do. It means feeling entirely alone in a city of millions of people. It will mean really hard work with no guarantee that my field will really need me. It means watching my money FLY out of my ears and nose into thin air. Can I really do this? I am feeling a little displaced at the moment because I cannot entirely unpack. My chest gets tight and I feel like crying every time I think about all my stuff sitting in a pile in the garage. When things are not in their "places" I am HIGHLY anxious. HIGHLY. If I am this anxious when my hairdryer is not in its hairdryer basket but in a drawer and I cannot find my brush and my socks are touching my *U's because they are in THE SAME DRAWER (gasp!), what am I going to do when I have to move across the country and I don't know where to buy toothpaste let alone figure out how to get my socks to not touch my U's? Can someone tell me this??? WHAT AM I EVEN THINKING!!

But, for now, I can still enjoy my family. For now, I can still hang out with my great friends and have dinner and watch movies and drink wine. For now, my life is still regular. Except for the fact that my socks are touching my U's.

*what my mother and grandmother call underwear.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I have a reason...

...for not blogging in so long.

A) I refused to blog about the election and that was a mighty hot topic. I am more of a "keep it to yourself" type. My guy did not win. But I can happily say that I am confident in our President-elects abilities and that of his staff to do some really great things the next four years (oh lets be honest, the guy and his cult like following will be around for the next eight.)
B) My grandfather died on the 5th. It was sad. I am still sad. And I didn't have the energy to express it.

Also, this little hiatus is going to be going on just a touch longer since dun, dun, duuuun (!!!) I am leaving for New York tomorrow!!

Get ready Upper East Siders. This West Coast girl is headed your way, and straight for The Palace hotel (is that even real?) to grab a drink and watch for this guy.


Good LAWD that boy is a dream.

Anyway. Wish me luck on my trip New York/self discovery. I will need it.

You know you love me...



Friday, October 24, 2008

Carolyne Roehm Book Signing

Happy Friday!

For those of you who don't know who Carolyne Roehm is. Stop reading and go look at her website here. I love spending time just browsing all of the beautiful ribbons and decor that she has. I would love to get a hold of one of her books too. They look beautiful! One of her new books, A Passion for Blue and White, is set to come out on October 28th. If you are lucky enough to live in New York, head down to Archivia Books and get your copy signed by Carolyne!

Here are the details:
When: October 28th, 5pm - 8pm
Where: Archivia Books
993 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY

"Enjoy the last glow of Autumn and skip through the leaves..."
- Carolyne Roehm

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Exposed Beams

I noticed a trend today in my recent "favorites file" of magazine clippings. I put sticky's on the rooms with exposed beams. To me, it adds a really natural visual structure to the room that I love.
Here are some of my favorites.

ELLE Decor

This house is my DREAM house. Featured in ELLE Decor. The next picture is in the kitchen of this house... so beautiful.

ELLE Decor

ELLE Decor

ELLE Decor

(I don't know where I got this!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Reindeers are in. I'M SERIOUS!

Check out this little ditty I just bought.
So cute, so warm, so vintage inspired! I love it. Can't wait to wear it next to my mom who has a sweater with a similar pattern, that she actually knit herself years ago.

Forever 21

I have been waiting for this weekend and am so excited that it is actually here! The friends and I are off to Maltby's Cafe for breakfast and then headed to the Pumpkin Patch to enjoy the fall weather and search for the perfect pumpkin!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pennington & Bailes

A) My mom pointed out that I had the wrong, "wear". How embarrassing and VERY unbecoming of me.
B)Per my future roommates request.... I tried to replace the Marshall U pants with WVU ones, but.... they don't have them. Sorry. I tried!

Oh, how I wish I lived in an area where tailgating was a favorite past-time. Because then I would be associating myself with people who wear outfits like this, and that just makes me happy.

If someone showed up to a Hawks or Huskies/Cougs game wearing these? He would get run over by a Subaru.

If you do in fact live in an area that appreciates this lovely sort of attire, please go to

immediately and stock up on your favorite critter pants covered in your schools logo.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The new Krissy 08'/09'

Hello All,

It has been awhile. But I haven't really had much to talk about either. This weekend was interesting. Friday, I was in a SOUR mood (just ask my dear sister who had to console me about it). Sometimes I have a tendency to wallow in my "situation", whatever it may be. Topics that can get me VERY upset leading to said counseling sesh with sister include:

1) Job
2) Friends
3) Missing friends
4) Catty fights with friends
5) My weight/body image ISSUES. And man do I have them. ("Buzz your girlfriend...Woooooof")
6) Dilemmas with future
7) Being single, with apparently LOTS of non-single friends now (although Saturday I was affirmed that there are still a few left!)

So, back to Friday. I had a meltdown because I was home. On a Friday night. Nothing to do but try desperately to watch Grey's Anatomy online. But, alas, having a 6 year old Dell came to bite me. It would NOT PLAY. DELL would CRASH every single time. Commence real tears over this. It was more of a build up of frustration and loneliness than anything. All I really wanted was to be in Alabama watching it in my sisters bed with my little four legged niece and nephew. URGH! And as I was spilling tears over this situation, every other situation that was bothering me came out with it. I was sad because I was alone. I was sad because I feel like I have been working so hard at the gym and trying to eat as healthy as possible without any results to show for it. I was sad that I am again, trying to uproot my life and find fulfillment in SOMETHING (i.e. all of the school searching). I got myself completely worked up unnecessarily.

Sister went into ACTION let me tell you. I bet you she was just fed up with my antics to be honest. Regardless here is the plan we are calling, "The New Krissy 08'/09'":

1) Examine my eating habits and consult with nutritionist friend for advice.
2) Find more single friends... Small group through church, volunteer groups, etc.
3) Write down five good things about my day everyday.

She wants me to start appreciating the "now". I am a true dreamer. If things aren't happening as they happen in my dreams....I take action to change that. Or find a new dream to seek after. However, this is leaving me quite unhappy and unfulfilled with my life.

I am determined to change this.

5 GREAT things about my weekend:

*Sleeping in*
*Shopping and lunch with my mom*
*SALSA dancing on Saturday night*
*Nice, but heart pumping hike with my marrieds*
*Family dinner finished off by core warming apple cider with my marrieds*

Ahhh.... I feel my mood lifting higher already