Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pennington & Bailes

A) My mom pointed out that I had the wrong, "wear". How embarrassing and VERY unbecoming of me.
B)Per my future roommates request.... I tried to replace the Marshall U pants with WVU ones, but.... they don't have them. Sorry. I tried!

Oh, how I wish I lived in an area where tailgating was a favorite past-time. Because then I would be associating myself with people who wear outfits like this, and that just makes me happy.

If someone showed up to a Hawks or Huskies/Cougs game wearing these? He would get run over by a Subaru.

If you do in fact live in an area that appreciates this lovely sort of attire, please go to

immediately and stock up on your favorite critter pants covered in your schools logo.

1 comment:

Randyman82 said...

future roommate, you need to remove those Marshall U pants and replace them with WVU pants!!